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Information and contacts

  • Books (printed monographs)  consists of both records catalogued by the National Library of CR and records catalogued by other regional libraries in CNB project. The records originated by other libraries are often minimal level records, they serve for documentation and they are later completed by libraries with full legal deposit co-operating with full level records (NL, Moravian Library, Research Library in Olomouc). The records are arranged according to Konspekt categories. Contact person - descriptive cataloguing - subject cataloguing.
  • Continuing resources cover traditional printed periodicals (newspapers, journals), serials (annual reports, proceedings etc.), and also interrated resourcesi (updated documents). Contact personnewspapers and journals - other types
  • Electronic resources consist of online resources and elestronic resources on physical media. Contact person - online - physical media

  • Cartographic documents cover maps and atlases. They are catalogued by NL,  Moravian Library a Research Library Olomouc. Contact person

  • Sound recordings  consist of music and non-music recordings on various media (MC, CD etc.) Contact person