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All competitors (so long as they sent their address) will get CD-rom with survey of the all competition designs.



Please find final protocol of the competiton below. Also, we enclose complete list of all the competitors with their identification - please excuse omitted academic titles; the information is based on competitors' identification lists.




Please accept our invitation to the exhibition THE EYE ABOVE PRAGUE, where results of the competition are presented. The Klementinum gallery, Křížovnická 190, Praha 1, open TUE-SUN 10-19h (MON closed) till May, 31.

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By the deadline of 6th February, 2007 the National Library of the Czech Republic received all 8 designs that had reached the Stage II of the competition. On 16th February the unbroken parcels were accepted by the technical commission, designated by the director general of the National Library to examine the completeness of designs, the observance of basic requirements, the observance of the anonymity on sent materials , and then prepared the report for the Jury.

On 27th February, the Stage II of the competition was opened officially by the Director General of the National Library Mr Vlastimil Ježek. The jury members were informed about 8 project designs. Mr Pavel Bém, Lord Mayor of the Capital City Prague participated in the following discussion as a regular member of the Jury and in the future days Mr Jan Kněžíček was acting as his deputy.

On 28th February the session of the international Jury was held with these members: architects Ms Zaha Hadid and Ms Eva Jiřičná, UNESCO urbanistic expert Ms Irene Wiese-von Ofen, architects Mr José Grinberg, Mr Petr F. Bílek and Mr John Eisler, environmental expert Mr Tony McLaughlin, Director of the Culture, Monument Care and Tourism Dept. of City of Prague Mr Jan Kněžínek, and Director General of the National Library Mr Vlastimil Ježek together with deputy member Ms Bohdana Stoklasová who coordinated the preparatory work on library part of the project programme of the new building.

The session of the Jury was held in the Small Lounge of the Žofín Palace where all considered designs were clearly arranged under equal conditions. After all-day discussion over every particular design the Jury selected designs to be awarded and decided as follows:

1st place – 1st Prize 160 000 euro,
2nd place – 2nd Prize 120 000 euro,
3rd place – 3rd Prize 70 000 euro,
4th place – 1st honourable mention 35 000 euro,
5th place – 2nd honourable mention 30 000 euro,
6th, 7th and 8th place – the honourable mention of 25 000 euro will be divided in equal three parts.

All 8 competitors will also receive the fee of 20 000 euro each for submitted designs for Stage II.


Jury (left to right): John Eisler - Tony McLaughlin - Bohdana Stoklasová - Jan Kněžínek - José Grinberg -
Wolfgang Tochtermann - Irene Wiese von Ofen - Petr Bílek - Zaha Hadid - Eva Jiřičná - Vlastimil Ježek

Then the Chairwoman of the Jury Ms Eva Jiřičná under the control of Ms Zaha Hadid and Ms Irene Wiese-von Ofen identified the authors of designs for Stage II from entire identification envelopes. Mr Wolfgang Tochtermann, President of the Commission for International Competitions of UIA was present on all sessions of the Jury.


On press conference in the Klementinum gallery on March 2, 2007 the conclusion of evaluation by jury was announced and the winning proposal was introduced together with the representative of the winning architectural team. From March 29 to May 31 all 355 designs will be exhibited on the exhibition in the Klementinum gallery. If You are interested to take along a model of proposal, which did not proceed to the stage II. (because of deficient place they will be presented on pictures) personally during the visit of the exhibition, please let us know – via e-mail – Your ordinal and identification number on the address of the secretary of the competition.

Remark on announcement from November 15: since some competitors did not send their return addresses in the identification envelope or they sent invalid addresses, there might be some problems with returning of models. We will try to manage with this problem in the next announcement.

Gallery of stage II. competition designs




We would appreciate your understanding - the sending of letters complicates and impedes in that we lack addresses in identification envelopes, several identification envelopes are missing utterly. These identification numbers will be posted here after opening all identification envelopes which did not advance to Stage II.

We apologize for possible inaccuracies in addresses and names of competitors because some addresses mentioned in identification envelopes are incomplete, or written by hand, or titles are missing with the list of names.
If you did not state the name of the representative of the team, we send the letter to the first address of the list.

We provide you the protocol from the proceedings of the jury and numeric register of competitors.





The management of the National Library of the Czech Republic thanks all competitors for a great interest in participation in architectural competition for a new building and respects the work of architects on 355 designs received (this number refined from 410 designs - we stated here on 9th October, 2006 - after completing designs with models according to identification marks realized by technical commission).

We congratulate eight architects or architectural teams whose designs were chosen by a jury for Stage II.
There are designs with these identification marks:

XQ 3374, 598726PR, 291501YO, 130655DR, 110505SG, 111789SC, 180495XY, 192837AZ.

To all these competitors the notary will send a letter from the general director of the National Library of the Czech Republic including the record of proceedings of a jury (after its approval by all members of the jury, presumably by 20th November, 2006). We remind you that as participants of the competition you agreed with its regulations therefore you are obliged to preserve your anonymity up to the announcement of the results of Stage II.
All other competitors will recieve runningly the letter from the general director of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

27. 10. 2006

In the days of October 24 – 26, 2006 passed the first stage of the architectural competition for a new building of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

The incoming projects have been considered and judged by the international jury composed:
Ms. Zaha Hadid, Architect, Great Britain
Ms.Irene Wiese von Ofen, Architect , UNESCO representative, Germany
Ms. Eva Jiřičná, Architect, Great Britain
Mr. José Grindberg , Architect, Mexico
Mr. Petr Bílek, Architect, Czech Republic
Mr. John Eisler, Architect, Czech Republic / until 2005 in the USA
Mr. Tony Mc. Laughlin, Environmental Engineer, Great Britain
Mr. Jan Kněžíček, Director of Heritage Department, Municipality of the Capital of Prague
Mr. Vlastimil Ježek, Direktor General of the National Library of the Czech Republic
Ms. Bohdana Stoklasová, Director of Library Collections and Services of the National Library of the CR

As a chairwoman of the jury was elected Ms. Eva Jiřičná.

Architect Wolfgang Tochtermann, Director of the competition commission of UIA, whom UIA sended as its observer , controled the formal correctness of the competition.

In accordance with the rules 8 projects proceeded to the 2nd stage, which will take place in the days from February 28th till March 3rd 2007.

After the finishing of the identification by the notary the participants of the competition will receive the notification whether the jury has chosen their project to the 2nd stage or not.

The projects of the competition will be presented in the big exhibition in the days of March 24th – till Apríl 29th, 2007

The photos from the reception of the members of the jury in the National Library and by the Ministr of Culture



410 entries arrived at the National Library of the Czech Republic by the deadline stipulated in the conditions of the competition. The Technical Committee, snominated by the Director General of the National Library of the Czech Republic, Mr. Zdeněk Janeček (Professional and Technical Advisor), Mr. Karel Kovář and Mrs. Karolína Začalová (all there are authorised architects) and Mr. Hanuš Hemola (chief of the Public Services Division of the NL), is reviewing and checking the entries to make sure they are complete and meet all the conditions stipulated by the competition rules including the requirement of anonymity.

After the jury has considered and judged the projects all the competition entries will enjoy equal status as exhibits in the large hall. The judging will take place on 24th to 25th October 2006.


Dear participants, thank you very much for your great interest and response. Your enormous responds overcame our expectations. Until the final term set in competitions regulation (see our web side) we got more than 700 applications. All participants who provided all requested in announcement documents will receive in forthcoming days the access code for the stage B (by email you provided us in application form).

Those of you who did not provide all required documents or submitted the application form with documents as required (time schedule) unfortunately will not be taken in to account. The payment will be refunded. We do hope that you will understand it.


Dear competitors,

In your best interests, please, complete the registration form properly according to instructions of competition regulations.

  • In item A only one competitor can be stated (other persons or company must be mentioned in „cooperation with“.
  • Details of the item B concern the representative of the team whose name must be stated.
  • Bank statement must be identifiable. If the payment is not made from the bank account of the competitor, mention her/his name in the message for recipient or mention the number of your licence in variable symbol.

These issues impede the process of registration of some of you.

07.06.2006 - In order to apply to enter the Competition, please ONLY use e-mail Thank you.